Low resolution images

The low resolution images on this site are freely available for use on other websites on the condition that the images link to this website (home page) and that I am duly credited. Please   to let me know that you have used the image(s).

High resolution images

1. Send me an   with the title and reference number (beginning with AW) of the image(s) you wish to purchase and any specific requirements, e.g. file size or type.

2. I will send you a Paypal link to request the money (you can pay by credit/debit card if you don't have a Paypal account). Alternatively I can send you my postal address if you would prefer to pay by cheque. The cost will normally be £25 per image for a one-off commercial use or unlimited personal use, although I can offer a discount for multiple commercial uses. Restrictions may apply to multiple purchases. The image(s) must not be sold and I will retain the copyright for all images.

3. I will send you a link for you to download the image(s).

Canvas prints

I can provide canvas prints of my images via a local company called Canprint. Prices for the most popular sizes are as follows:

24" x 16": £50

36" x 24": £80

Please   to let me know the title and reference number (beginning with AW) of the photo you want and the size you require; I can provide quotes for other sizes or dimensions as required. The standard frame depth is 3/4", but I can provide a 1 1/4" frame at extra cost (dependent on print size). Please add £4 to the cost if you want a hanging system included. Delivery is free for mainland UK and will take 4-8 days from receipt of the image by Canprint, but overnight delivery is available at extra cost.

Options for the canvas edge are white, black and "stretch" (where the image overlaps the edge of the canvas). I can advise on whether the stretch option is likely to be suitable for the image, print size and frame depth you want.

Please   if you have any questions. I will be happy to provide a phone number and/or phone you back if you would prefer to discuss by phone.


*If the above email links don't work, my email address is aspects of whales at bee tea intanet dot com, but obviously not spelt like that (that's just to try and keep the evil spambots at bay). You can also contact me via Facebook or Twitter.