I was born in the Gower Peninsula in 1967 and I've been lucky enough to live here for most of my life. In that time, my hobbies have included fishing, mountain biking, walking, kayaking and bird watching, all of which have mainly been an excuse to indulge in the natural beauty of the Welsh countryside and its wildlife. I didn't take photography seriously as a hobby until around 2004, but, as the saying goes, time spent in reconnaissance is rarely wasted.

For obvious reasons, most of the photos on this website were taken in Gower and the surrounding area, usually as part of a walk or bike ride in wild surroundings, as driving straight to a popular viewpoint is never as satisfying. Witnessing these views in the first place is what it's really all about, especially on peaceful early mornings when almost everyone else is still in bed.

Technical and location details can be found by clicking on the titles of individual photos. In most cases I've tried to capture what my eyes saw at the time, although I've recently started experimenting with filters to increase exposure times, e.g. to capture the motion of water. Most of the images have had some form of computer enhancement, but usually only to overcome my inability to get it right first time in the field. My usual post-processing techniques involve adjusting levels or curves and, if necessary, manually blending bracketed exposures (without using HDR software). For a more detailed explanation of the methods I use, please see my photography guide.

Since 2004 I've tried to learn about photography, image processing and web design, mainly using books and magazines. I've made a lot of mistakes along the way and I've still got a huge amount to learn, especially about web design, so I hope to be able to continually improve this web site in the future. Any suggestions would be welcome. I've tried to keep the layout as simple and uncluttered as possible to make your experience a relaxing one, but I admit that this appearance is partly a result of my lack of ability to create anything more elaborate. I generally aim to give the site an overhaul once a year, usually in the winter. I struggle to find the time to continuously update this site with new photos, so if you want to keep up to date with my very latest photos you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Some of my photos can be viewed in higher resolution on Flickr and I've recently been experimenting with square crops on Instagram.

I don't claim to have done justice to even this small part of Wales, but I hope you will enjoy the photos for what they are: Aspects of Wales. I've never taken this wonderful country for granted, mainly thanks to my parents, who took me and my brother on many walks around Gower when we were young and have painted many of these views in watercolour. In some of the images I've tried to recapture what seemed magical to me in my childhood and I hope that my own children get the same pleasure. I also acknowledge Peter R Douglas-Jones and Outdoor Photography magazine for inspiring me to go out and take a look at the landscape in a new light, literally.

Please   or by using this form if you have any comments or questions. This website is mainly a hobby, but you can visit my sales page for details of how to purchase digital images. The low resolution images on this site are freely available for use on other websites on the condition that the images link to this website (home page) and that I am duly credited.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. I hope you will return.