Bendrick Rock, Three Cliffs Bay

Bendrick Rock, Three Cliffs Bay (AW146)

©Paul Edwards 2009

Taken just before sunrise in December 2009, at NGR SS5328287829, looking east from the west side of Three Cliffs Bay (near Tor Point), with the Three Cliffs themselves just out of shot to the left. Shire Combe is at the point that can be seen in the distance to the left of the picture and the rock silhouetted in the centre of the image is known as the Bendrick. I found that overexposing the foreground with a 4 second exposure and then darkening it with software allowed me to capture a lot more detail and less noise than by correctly exposing it in the first place. Canon EOS 40D, Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens, Manfrotto tripod. Exposures F8 at 1/4sec and 4sec combined. Original images in Raw format.